Return Policy


How would I know if my product could be returned directly to the merchant instead of iEvo?

Please do check with the seller’s product page under description from the seller that would indicate “directly return to the merchant” or contact us for more information if this is not stated.

How do I process a replacement with the seller?

As of the current moment direct returns to the merchant does not include the processing of replacements. If the seller and you agree to go ahead with a replacement then this will be processed offline.

What can I do if I do not agree with the seller’s decision?

Raise a dispute from our “Customer Care”

What is direct return to seller?

It allows buyers like yourself to make return on products to the seller directly. This promotes faster resolution and communication between buyers and sellers.

What happens if the seller fails to respond within the stated period?

iEvo will take over the case and proceed with filling a dispute with the seller.

How do I submit a dispute?

Do kindly follow the steps below on submitted a dispute, once you have submitted your dispute our customer care team will be in touch with you within 5 business days:

How soon will the seller take to process my return request?

Sellers should be able to respond to your return requests with 5 days.

What are my options I can choose from in returning my product?

How long is the return process?

The return process will take approximately between 2 to 4 business working days an investigation will be made to evaluate your returned product. If it is an invalid return, the product will be sent back to you.

What will happen if I call the bank directly to initiate for a return?

The bank will refer you back to us – so please refer to iEvo site to find out more about how to return your item(s).

Does iEvo offer replacement for returned items?

Currently iEvo does not offer replacements or exchanging of products. If you encounter an issue with your product, please kindly liaise with your seller to arrange a return. Do take note return is done case by case basis.

Does iEvo cover the shipment cost for returns of product?

Please kindly check with our customer service team to find out on the shipment cost for return products.

What is the process for returning of faulty item(s)?

After you have sent us your query through customer care, our customer service representatives will get back to you and will arrange a schedule for the pick-up of your item(s).

Kindly take note that this pick-up option is only available for selected items.

How should I pack the item(s) for a return?

For all return item(s), you will need to include any of the following that came together with your item: It would be advisable to wrap it up in another layer of external packaging to avoid damage to the parcel during transportation.

What is the time frame in which a return request can be made?

You can make a return request within 3 days from the date that the items were received. Please take note that return request are on case by case basis. Kindly send your request through our customer care.

What is IEvo’s Return Policy & Policy on returning?

There is no return for items that are paint, undergarments, products that require installation, customization and are bulky. You may only return the item if it is defective or damaged. Once the proof of delivery has been signed, you may not return the item. Please kindly contact customer care on more details.

What is the return policy for bundled products?

For bundled products, all items in the bundle must be returned in order for the return to be processed.

Refund Policies


Will my iEvo rewards points be refunded if I cancel when I make a refund?

iEvo reward points will be refunded as gift vouchers, if you have the following:

  • Returned some of your products in your order, or;
  • Returned all of your products in your order.
  • iEvo members will be refunded and their points will be removed from the card if you have:
  • Cancelled some of your products in your order, or;
  • Cancelled all of your items in your order.

Note: For more information, kindly contact customer service support for more queries.

How long is the refund process going to take?

Your refund will generally take between 5 to 10 business days to reflect in your bank account or card statement.

Kindly take note that a refund will only be processed for a returned item if it is a valid return.

Do refer to our table below for a breakdown of the different refund processing times based on the payment methods used at the time of purchase.

Payment Method Type (at the time of purchase) Refund Method Refund Time (to see the amount on your bank statement)
Credit Card/Debit Card Credit Card/Debit Card up to 2 weeks


How much will I be refunded if I used a gift voucher or promo code to make a purchase?

You will be refunded your paid price if you cancel or return your item.

Does iEvo refund shipping fees?

The shipping fees is refunded on a case by case basis for returns or cancelled due to refund. In the following cases the shipping fee will be refunded: