Terms of Delivery

If you have ordered from a local seller, you can expect to receive your order within 1 to 7 business days after you have received our shipping notification email.

Please do take note that any transactions made off the iEvo Platform violate our terms of service. If a seller on iEvo asks you to pay off-site through another channel, please do not send them any monetary value and report the matter to us.

What do the different statuses shown on the platform mean?

The “Approved” status indicates that FBI/seller has picked up your product from the seller. When the status changes to “Dispatched”, it indicates that the courier is on their way to deliver your product to you.

Once the courier has successfully delivered the product to you, the status will be updated to “Delivered”.

What happens if I order for bulky items?

If you are purchasing a large product, such as a washing machine, refrigerator or other bulky items please kindly refer to the information below:

  • Customers are to take responsibility in ensuring that the right dimensions of the appliances can fit into the final location, including allowances for ventilation, door opening and other considering factors.
  • No change of mind return is allowed. No returns and exchanges of products unless the item is defective.

How does the scheduling for delivery work for bulky orders?

  • After an order has been placed, customers will receive an email to schedule for a delivery via FBI (Fulfilment by iEvo). Scheduling of delivery and fulfilment of the order to be done within 3 to 5 days.
  • Customers are to make sure that there is power/water supply in the area of installation.
  • Customers are required to check that the area that is leading to the final location is clear for moving in condition. This includes making sure the height, width of the inner doorways and any furniture along the pathway have sufficient space.
  • Also subsequently we advise for customers to check for accessibility during delivery including arranging for any deposit with building management (if it’s applicable) and providing lift access.

What if I place an order with items from multiple sellers, how will my shipping fee be charged?

  • Customers would have to check that they have received the correct product that they have ordered and that the packaging is not damaged/torn/tampered with.
  • If the product that you receive is incorrect or the packaging is damaged/torn/tampered with, the customer has the right to reject the delivery and ask the delivery person to return the item to the sender.
  • No piping work for refrigerators/washing machines or wall mounting for TVs will be done; only a quick check. Plug & Play.

What if I place an order with items from multiple sellers, how will my shipping fee be charged?

iEvo charges shipping fees based on your selected shipping options made for your products from each seller. Your total applicable shipping fee will be clearly indicated in your cart and during checkout.

Does iEvo offers an International shipment option?

International shipment option is currently not available on iEvo.

What shipping options do iEvo offer?

Shipment Options: Cost: Details:

Fulfilled by iEvo

Speedy Express:

Standard Delivery:

Complimentary Delivery:




Home Delivery

Estimated: 1 to 3 Days (Home Delivery)

Estimated: 4 to 7 Days (Home Delivery)

Estimated: 8 to 10 Days (Home Delivery)


Can I prearrange the date I want to get the delivery?

We regret to apologize that we are unable to accommodate specific delivery time requests at the moment. If you are not available at the time of your delivery attempt, our delivery courier/partners will try to re-deliver to you at another time.

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

Our delivery operates from Mondays to Friday 11am to 2pm, 3pm to 6pm, 7pm to 10pm and Saturday from 12pm to 5pm. There is no delivery on a public holiday.

I have already ordered but I need my order at the current moment, can iEvo speed up the delivery?

Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite the delivery of orders. However we will do our best to ensure that your parcel is delivered within the promised delivery time.

Can you deliver the item to my condo/ office building?

Our courier/partners will attempt delivery to your stated shipping address first. If you are unreachable at your address, then our drivers will only be able to hand over the parcel to your reception staff if you have given prior letter of authorization to us and only if you’re building policy allows it. iEvo will deliver your packaged order to the address that you have provided during checkout, regardless of whether it is your house address or office address.

Can I pick up my order at iEvo’s Office?

iEvo currently does not offer this option.

Why did I get an email notification from iEvo saying my shipping address details is incomplete?

The shipping address that you have provided may be lacking information such as a unit number. A complete and qualified address should contain the following a Block/Apartment Number, Street Address, Unit/Floor Number and Postal Code. This is to help locate your shipping address.

Will I get a call before the delivery is made?

We regret to inform you, that our delivery courier/partners are not able to schedule a call before the delivery. They may call you or send a SMS notification before attempting delivery or when they arrive at the stated delivery location. If you are not available at the time of your delivery attempt then the courier/partners will try to re-deliver to you at another time. Please do take note that re-delivery attempts are chargeable.

What if I am not at home during the package’s arrival?

If you are not available to receive your package on the day that the package arrives, the delivery courier/partners will re-attempt to make a delivery to you at another date and time. Please note that it is currently not possible to request for a specific day or timing even for re-delivery attempts. Kindly take note that redelivery charges do apply for re-attempt on delivery.